About Me


I am Aubrey, and that makes me your sensual Angel.

A fine diamond has many facets. Different views from different directions, but just one diamond. That's me. You see different facets of me, as you come closer, and the light changes.

At first, you see a classic brunette beauty. A chestnut cascade of hair frames a flawless face. You might get lost in those big brown eyes. Delightfully kissable lips surround a radiant smile. I seem a little shy, perhaps. And at first, I am.

As we chat a bit, we're starting to get to know each other, and you notice that I'm an intelligent, educated woman, with a passion for reading and a wicked sense of humor. And, as things progress, I'm sure you'll notice the delights of my form and figure ... the soft smoothness of my skin, my perfectly proportionate breasts, the soft flatness of my tummy, and the sweet, lush curves where my narrow waist blossoms into my very female hips and bottom. And yes, my legs really do go all the way up ... or down, whichever way your gaze is moving.

I'm called "Submissive" because that's my style. I'm all about the sweetness, and I do love to have a strong gentleman lead as we dance to passion's music. My deepest pleasure comes from seeing your pleasure as we indulge the joys of the senses, and so I'm always attentive to you. What you enjoy, and how you enjoy it. I delight in using all my seductive skills to raise your bliss to the highest level.

Yes, I want to see that you get everything that you want, as intensely as possible. One way I do that is to tease and entice you, your desire doubling and redoubling until your passion becomes explosive. Just imagine how exciting that is for me, with your strong arms wrapped around me as you ... take me.

Oh, yes, I do enjoy what I do. I enjoy what we do. And so will you, I am sure.

Come and let your Submissive Angel guide you on a tour of our private, sensual paradise. That's what an angel does, yes?







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Girlfriend Experience


The Girlfriend Expierence.  

 GFE does not include, BDSM, PSE, Kink, or rough play!! Please keep this in mind when booking..


An Hour in Paradise. 

Your Angel would love to show you around! This is for the gentleman who needs a change of pace, but whose schedule allows only limited time. This session gives me the chance to show you that bliss can be captured in a mere hour, by a woman who is so tuned in to her man that she can learn his ways quickly. It's a magic hour, that will seem to fly past quickly, but with no hint of any rush. How long does it take me to make you forget your real-life concerns, and maybe even your own name? Let's find out, shall we? 


400/HR, Incall, 450/HR Outcall  

Relax With an Angel.

In this package, we have a great opportunity to spark a truly intimate connection, as the constraints of the clock loosen up a bit. Relax, let me loosen your tie (or whatever!), and let's get to know each other. Care to share a bottle of wine? Enjoy a sensual massage? Be teased with the sort of lap dance that only I can deliver? Join me in a naughty shower? How about some dirty talk? Role Play?? There's time. This is my most-requested package, and one that gives me a chance to indulge in some uninhibited fun. 

700/2HRS Incall,  750/2HRS Outcall

900/3HRS Incall, 950/3HRS Outcall


Fly me to you.

Perhaps you are a traveling businessman who enjoys spending his time with a beautiful, intelligent, seductive woman. I'll be your proper public companion at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and corporate engagements, in addition to being your not-so-proper private companion and playmate.  I am happy to travel pretty much anywhere for these engagements. Get in touch and we'll discuss the particulars.






I love to play with couples! Some of my hottest sessions are with couples! I follow boundaries of the lady 1st and foremost.  But, love to interact with ladies.

I require a minimum of two hours for all couple’s sessions!

700/2HRs incall, 750/2HRs Outcall

900/3HRS Incall, 950/ Outcall


Have questions that are not addressed here? Do not hesitate to ask!









For the Doms!


Please view the following information for the types of sessions, session requirements, and other important information..


Spanking Sessions..

I love a good ol' spanking. I have a nice plump bottom that loves to be turned 50 shades of red! I love my spankings with just about anytool you wish. Paddles, floggers, rules, switches, your palm.. Whatever you desire! Just give me a spanking, I really love being a bad girl. Please let me know if I shall bring a special type of paddle.


450/HR Incall, 500/HR outcall

800/2HR Incall, 850/outcall

1000/3HR Incall, 1050/outcall

I am happy to bring along a paddle of your choice. Please let me know ahead of time what your pleasure you seek!




Spankings, Bondage, Ropes, and Gags..

I love to be a willing submissive, ready for Master to do as he desires. I love to be spanked, tied up, and gagged. I enjoy light degrading, light pain, and being used..


550/HR Incall, 600/outcall

900/2HR Incall, 950/2HR outcall

1200/3HR Incall, 1250/3HR outcall




I do not enjoy spitting in the face, exteme gagging/choking, or extreme pain.. If this is what you are seeking, we are not a match.. For clients new clients a two hour minium is required! The first hour is to get to know each other and your oppurtunity to make me feel comfortable, boundaries will be discussed.


Fly me to you packages available! Please submit screening to inquire!




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For my subs!


Tease, Denial, Begging, and Pegging..

 Only, release when I so! Yes, that is right your favorite submissive has gone switch, and I want to show you how naughty I really am! Have you been a good little boy, or perhaps you have been a bad one?? Do you deserve or crave a spanking? Do you want me to tease and taunt all of your delicate spots. Do you want your tension build, multiplying, and tripling only to be denied satisfaction?  Are you ready to beg me for your satisying release? Do you know what you need? It's ok I will find it and give it to you!   


450/HR, 500/HR Outcall

800/2HRS Incall, 850/2HR Outcall

1,000/3HRS, 1050/3HR Outcall


I will follow any boundaries you have, just make sure to let me know before play starts.


Fly me to you packages available! Please submit screening to inquire!



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Porn Star Experience!


Who does not love watching a porn? We shouch make our own, off film, or maybe not?


Things I enjoy during these sessoins:


All Sub/Dom play






Greek (YMMV)


600/HR, 650/outcall

1000/2HR, 1050/2HR outcall

1400/3HR, 1450/3HR outcall


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Oklahoma City-
Or.. Fly me to you!
March 12th - April 1st

Las Vegas
April 3rd- 6th

New York City
April 17th- 21st

Local rates:

Tulsa- 2 hour minium plus +100 travel expenses.
Dallas- 3 hour minium plus +200 travel expenses.
KC- 4 hour minimum+200 travel expenses.
I am available for traveling outcalls when touring.. Rates may vary!

Please inquire for fly me to you rates!





While not necessary, if you would like to gift me something, but not sure what here are some suggestions. 


Gift cards for Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Victoria Secrets, Coach, Kate Spade, Louboutin, or Natural Grocers. Gift cards can be purchased online or at retail stores. Please email for email addres to send egiftcards.


Also, I have items listed on my delivery code page: 


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